CSP Products

Presses:  Servo, Hydraulic or Mechanical,   Gap frame or  Straight Side, Conventional or Link Motion.

Complete Coil Feed Lines: From thin foil to 5/8" thick, up to 72" wide, up to 60,000 lb, hands free threading of coils.

Servo Feeds: 3" to 72" wide, speeds up to 1500spm, programable patterns, special rolls.

Scrap / Part Handling: Conveyors or "shakers", Magnetic with belt, Moving Magnet Sliders, Shuffle Drive mechanical system.

ROBOT Arms:  Carbon Fiber Structural Tubing. 1/2 the weight of Aluminum.

LASER Blanking systems,  by RDI Group

Punching and Bending Systems.   by RDI Group

Safety Die Blocks:  Adjustable Height.

Air Feeds: Large Gripper style feeds, single or double, smaller die mount feeders.

Straighteners: Pull through or powered , 5, 7 , up to 21 rolls, Precision straighteners with backed up rolls.

Uncoilers: Reels or Cradles, 100 lbs to 60,000 lbs, singles, doubles, coil loading cars, overhead chutes.

Transfer systems: 2 or 3 axis, mechanical or CNC Servo, die mount or press mount.

Controls / Monitors: Loop controls, Clutch brake controls, Programable limit swiches, Die protection, Tonnage Monitor, Special Sensors for double blank control, weld seam detection, Rotary Limit switches (cam boxes), Press valves.

Quick Die Change: Components or systems, Clamps, Lifter/Rollers, Bolster extensions, Die Carts.

Accessories: C hooks, Lifting Products, Die Safety Blocks, Stock oilers (roller type), AntiVibration levelling mounts, Air feed valves, Cam Boxes, Lights.