CSP News;

2017   CSP named as Canadian Representative for RapidAir and Vibro Industries. Please see companies represented page for Link.

2016  CSP visit to SIMPAC in Korea.   Very impressive facilities !

Simpac HQ, Korea

2015    CSP named as Canadian Representative for SIMPAC Press.    Link to introduction video.

Safety Ram Blocks.  Adjustable. Made in Canada EH !

Robot Arms: Carbon Fiber Structural Tubing,  1/2 the weight of Aluminum. 

2013   RDI Group launches Coil Fed LASER Blanking line.

2010  New smaller Shuffle Drive Scrap removal system for small presses.

Copy of Midpress_6459.jpg (152926 bytes)   Good alternative for conveyors or air. See Shuffle Drive page.

2007.  CSP named as Canadian representative for Feedlease Corp.   Engineered Solutions for Coil Handling Equipment.

2008  .40,000 lb x 72" wide  Spacesaver line. Sold to MAGNA. Toronto.

magna_0015sm.jpg (40830 bytes)


2005.  Zig Zag Servo feed installed.   click here to see video.

240 ft. , 30 hp. Shuffle drive pit conveyor installed.    see shuffle drive page.

2 axis shuffle drive on press bed.   see shuffle drive page.


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